Why Recycling Scrap Metal is Great for the Environment


Recycling is one of those things that just makes you feel good, and every small contribution helps. When you recycle materials like plastic and paper, knowing that your individual effort is part of a much bigger picture is great motivation. So, why do we recycle? Recycling is an effort to reuse materials that would have previously found their way to ever-expanding landfills. Repurposing materials, like paper, mitigates issues of waste and natural resource consumption. The more paper we reuse, the less trees need to be cut down. Here at Direct Metals Recycling we aren’t in the business of recycling paper, but we are in the business of recycling something a little heavier. Metal. We know why we recycle paper, but why metal?

There is a lot of scrap metal out there. In fact, the scrap metal industry turns more than 130 metric tons of seemingly unusable materials back into useful raw materials annually. From the rotors you just swapped out on your car to old copper piping, scrap metal comes from far and wide. So, other than making a few extra bucks, what are the benefits of scrap metal recycling? Many! Without the repurposing of these metals, a more mining would need to take place and therefore a greater usage of virgin natural resources. Since metals are a nonrenewable resource, recycling couldn’t be more imperative.

Not only does scrap metal recycling aid the issue of an nonrenewable resource, but helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well. It isn’t an obvious correlation, but when we reuse “obsolete” metals the amount of energy expended to manufacture the products is greatly reduced. When you recycle metal, you’re helping the environment!

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