We Make New Cars!

Did you know that we are making new cars at Direct Metals Recycling in Atlanta, GA? Its true! Every aluminum wheel, lead battery, and catalytic converter you bring us gets recycled back into raw materials for making parts for new cars! In the last few weeks we’ve shared with you why we recycle only non-ferrous metals, today we are sharing exactly what happens with those non-ferrous metals and where they get recycled to.

Specialized Recycling

Ferrous metals – i.e. steel – can be relatively generically recycled into almost any new steel product. Copper is also a metal that can be recycled into any new copper product. For example, copper electrical wires can be stripped and melted down and remade into copper pipes – just because the copper began as one does not mean it cannot be made into the other. For most of our other recycled products, the converse is true.

From Car Parts, Into Car Partswheel

Most of the car parts that we accept – wheels (particularly aluminum , lead batteries, and catalytic converters) are stripped, melted down, and recycled into new versions of themselves. This has become the standard process because for most of these items, it is more costly to produce new raw materials than it is to simply recycle the materials that are already available and formulated into the correct alloys.

So when you bring us your catalytic converters to recycle here at Direct Metals Recycling in Atlanta, GA you can feel good about doing your good deed for the environment. The automotive industry will not have to further strip the earth of precious metals.