Tools of the Trade

If you are an avid recycler of scrap metal, having the knowledge to determine what types of metal you Magnet are dealing with is an invaluable asset. There are many tips, tricks and tools of the trade out there to help you with your quest! Direct Metals Recycling, located in Atlanta, GA, has two of the most important scrapping tools for your to have in your belt!

If a scrapper were only allowed 2 tools in their arsenal, we think that the most important would be a magnet and your eyesight.


A simple magnet can, believe it or not, help a scrapper determine whether a particular piece of metal is non-ferrous or not. We specialize in collecting non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, silver, aluminum, and tin. So, being able to decipher which metals are which, can be extremely beneficial.


Another one of the most important tools for separating one type of material from the next is something you have with you at all times. Your eyes. Knowing some of the visual qualities a metal has can be very helpful in spotting what you are looking for. For example, knowing that copper has a bright reddish or orange color that turns green when weathered is quite important. Additionally, knowing that silver tarnishes when exposed to the elements is equally important!
Have you gathered quite the haul of non-ferrous metal using your two tools? Remember to recycle with Direct Metals Recycling for a great price on your findings! Find a location near you!

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