Tin Can Turkey

The kids have a few days off from school and you’re in need of a fun project that will keep them entertained without breaking the bank. You’d like to avoid buying anything at all and hope you can find something around the house to work with. After searching high and low for SOMETHING worthy of holding your kids’ attention, all you come back with is some felt, scissors, and a little bit of glue.


We’ve got the perfect Thanksgiving-themed project for you and your minimal supplies. The only additional items you’ll need are a can of vegetables (also works with aluminum soda cans) and a few patterns. Time to make a tin can turkey!

Follow the link above to KABOOSE crafts and have a blast making a whole fleet of tin can turkeys! It’s a great way to utilize what you have in your home to create a fun, family-friendly craft project. The best part, once the holidays are over, you still have your can of veggies! Talk about smart recycling!

If you end up making one of these fun crafts this Thanksgiving, be sure to send us a picture so we can show off your handy work! What are some other simple crafts you’ve done with your family, just by gathering pieces of this and that around the house? Share in the comments below!

Craft project from Kaboose
Photo from flickr: USACE Europe District