The Fight Against Scrap Metal Theft Wages On

Scrap metal theft has taken many forms over the years, and as many times as authorities try to prevent the crime, thieves manage to ‘beg, borrow, and steal’ their way into getting scrap metal into their hands and cash in their pockets. Direct Metals Recycling in Atlanta, GA wants to see the numbers of scrap metal thievery decreased, and recently further steps across the nation have been taken to make thieves’ lives a little bit harder. police

In New Jersey, a bill has been passed that restricts the transaction of cash in scrap metal recycling centers. Instead of directly handing out cash to customers to pay for their scrap metal, recycling centers will only be able to print non-transferrable checks, unless the seller has a photo ID on file with the business. Also, scrap metal can only be recycled if delivered in a motor vehicle.

In Vestal, NY the town is proposing to install a $5,750 security system to monitor the highway department after men stole sewer grates, metal beams, and more and took them directly to a nearby scrap metal recycling facility to sell. The men would stop periodically and take items as they pleased before getting their cash at the recycling facility. According to the superintendent of the highway department, it will cost upwards of $9,000 to replace the items that were stolen.

If you hear about anyone stealing scrap metal in your area, report it directly to the authorities. We need to make every effort to stop this crime and keep thieves away from private and public property alike.

Img from Flickr.