How to Make Money on Recycling Scrap Metal

There are all different types of scrappers. There are scrappers who do it for a living; scrappers who just want to get that junk out of their backyard; scrappers who would like to make a little extra cash for the weekend. It doesn’t matter what kind of scrapper you are, everyone gets paid to bring us their scrap metal for recycling to any of our Georgia or Tennessee locations. Direct Metals Recycling shares with you basic tips for making some extra cash when you recycle your scrap metal.

Sort the Crap Out of the Scrapwheel

You will get highest dollar for your scrap metal that has already been stripped and cleaned. What this means is, when you bring in an aluminum wheel, make sure the tire is already off of it. While that is a rather obvious and blatant example, it applies to all scrap. You will get higher dollar for aluminum windows that have had their glass removed, rather than bringing in the whole window. Keep this in mind when it comes to all of your scrap metal that you bring in for recycling.

Scrap Rich for the Taking

Scrap metal ready for recycling is pretty easy to come by if you know where and what to look for. Summer time is a great time to look for old grills or propane tanks sitting out by the road, waiting for the trash man. Don’t go diving in someones garbage but if it is free and clear for the trash man, its ripe for scrapping. Propane tanks can get a pretty penny at the scrap metal recycling center, but they must be prepared properly first, with their valves removed to ensure that they no longer contain highly pressurized gas.

Scrap metal is everywhere, ready to be recycled. And those scrappers out there can feel good about their contribution to the economy and the environment. Recycling scrap metal saves energy, creates jobs, and saves the earth from being stripped of precious metals. If you have some scrap and you’d like some cash, bring it by one of the Direct Metals Recycling centers in Georgia: Atlanta, Macon, Norcross, or Augusta.