The Basics of Copper Recycling

Copper has been used by people longer than any other material – for the past 10,000 years! A copper pendant was once found in what is now northern Iraq that dates back to approximately 8700 B.C. So, what’s so great about copper, anyway? Direct Metals Recycling is going to tell you just how great copper is, and how it can make you a successful scrapper!

  • Scrap Metal Recycling Copper ImgCopper is a highly sought after metal for recycling because its processing requires much less energy than the processing of new copper from virgin ore, providing a savings of 85-90 percent of energy requirements.
  • In the world copper supply chain, the US ranks second behind Chile. We are largely self-sufficient in copper and produce 8% of the worlds supply.
  • In 2010 alone, U.S. scrap metal recyclers processed 1.8 million metric tons of copper for domestic use and export.
  • Almost one-half of domestic copper is from recycled materials, with the rest generated from virgin ore.
  • In a single family home that is approximately 2,100 square feet, there is almost 439 pounds of copper including the building wire, plumbing tubes and fittings, built-in appliances, builders hardware, and other wire and tube.
  • If you scrapped a dishwasher, refrigerator/freezer/ and unitary air conditioner, you could recover almost 61.8 pounds of scrap copper.
  • A pound of copper will fetch one of the highest prices on the scrap metal market.

These are just a few of the great facts about copper. It is definitely a highly sought after metal for scrapping so anytime you see some old wires in the trash pile, make sure you grab them and bring them in for recycling at Direct Metals in Norcross, GA!