Sweet Scrapping

Metal HeartAs a little Valentines Day tribute, Direct Metals Recycling is going to share the top 4 things we love about scrap metal recycling. Happy Valentines Day scrappers!

1. Making Money From Trash

The old adage “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has never rung truer. Don’t you just love making money off of someone’s trash heap? 

2. Getting to Work Outside

Who wants to sit in a cubicle staring at a computer screen all day? Don’t you love that you get to get outside for your job?

3. Making Your Own Schedule

Just as much as you don’t want to have to sit in a cubicle, if you’re a scrapper, isn’t it nice that you get to make your own work schedule and show up whenever you want?

4. Saving the Earth

Not only do you get to make money as a scrapper, but you get to save the earth while you’re at it. A win-win situation. It doesn’t get better than that.

Did we miss something that you love about being a scrap metal recycler in Georgia? Leave us a comment below!

Img via Flickr. 

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