Stop For Brake Rotors

Recycle Brake RotorsYou probably have a list of the main items you like to look for when you’re scrapping: catalytic converters, aluminum, copper, etc. But, did you know that we also accept brake rotors for scrap metal recycling at all of our Georgia locations? While we don’t accept whole junk vehicles, we accept many different parts of junk cars, including brake rotors.

Used Brake Rotors

Brake rotors are relatively easy to find. Your local mechanics shop probably has a pile of them laying around somewhere. Rotors need replacing when you let your brake pads wear completely thin and instead of your brakes having a cushion to push against to help you stop (the brake pad), you are instead pushing metal on metal to stop your car, which leads to major damage on your brake rotors and potentially increase stop time, and decreased stopping power.

Why We Want Your Used Rotors

Rotors, just like many car parts, are made of metal alloys that are cheaper to melt down and recycle back into new versions of the same part. This is why we also recycle car batteries and aluminum wheels. These materials are not recycling back into the raw material stream like aluminum and copper are, but they are sent back into the automotive construction stream and fabricated back into new versions of whatever they started out as. This prevents having to strip the earth of more raw materials and decreases manufacturing costs.

Bring your brake rotors, lead batteries, aluminum wheels, and catalytic converters to Direct Metals Recycling at our Macon, GA location, or one of our other GA or TN locations to get top dollar for your scrap metal!

Img via Flickr.