Steel Takes Recycling by Storm

Direct Metals Recycling in Norcross, GA is a non-ferrous scrap metal recycler – that meas we accept pretty much anything but steel. But, we still appreciate the steel recycling industry and recently, they have made a major upward swing.

Recycling Steel CansSince 1988, North America has recycled 1 billion ton of steel and the Steel Recycling Institute has documented their progress all along the way. Last year for their 25th anniversary, they released their 2012 steel recycling rates and the numbers are all in the positive! 

In 2012 alone, 84 million tons of steel scrap were recycled. 1.3 million tons of that was tinplate steel – the equivalent of 21 billion steel cans. Steel cans were recycled at a rate of 72%, the highest rate among packaging materials. The other steel scrap categories that filled up the remaining 82.7 million tons of recyclables included automotive scrap and appliance steel.

On top of not only increasing their recycling rates, the North American steel industry made other advancements in saving the environment throughout their manufacturing process. They were able to increase their energy efficiency per ton by 27% which decreased their CO2 emissions per ton by 33%.

As the steel industry continues to make leaps and bounds in their recycling progress and energy efficiency, the SRI works to keep North America as the front runner in the race to save the environment and create environmentally sustainable manufacturing and recycling processes.

“For 25 years, steel’s recycling successes have been spearheaded by the SRI, and we look forward to another quarter century, where steel leads social, economic, and environmental advances.” – Thomas J. Gibson, President and CEO of AISI

Direct Metals Recycling is glad to see any advancements in the recycling industry and gives a hats off to those steel recyclers who have made this progress possible. Keep up the good work!

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