Springtime Scrapping

Yard SaleThe official start of spring is only a few weeks away but we are already seeing beautiful weather here in the Atlanta, GA area. After a long, cold, and snowy winter, people are ready to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. As a scrap metal recycler, you can take advantage of all of the upcoming outdoor events as great places to find scrap metal. 

Garage Sales – Keep an eye out for signs on the side of the road, Facebook group posts, and check your local newspaper. Garage sales are great places to find appliances cheaply, and who knows what else. You’ll never know what someone is going to dig out of the back of their garage and want to get rid of.

Craigslist – This is one of the best places to find random items for sale or for free. There will be estate sales posted, garage sales, and even people giving away free stuff in one section. Spend some time to sift through the ads. You could find a whole pile of aluminum wheels!

College Campuses – Students will be moving out of their on campus apartments at the beginning of May and they will start cleaning things out ahead of time. Find out when moving day is and offer to haul off scrap for free as a way to fill up your truck with great scrap.

Do you have a unique way to find scrap during the spring? Share it with us in the comments below. We look forward to seeing you at Direct Metals Recycling with a truck full of scrap metal!

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