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Christmas is just over a month away and many of you will be getting or giving new pieces of technology to your kids or family members. With technology changing at lightning fast speeds, your current phones, tablets, and laptops are now either out of date or broken. Now that you’ll be replacing them with the best and newest, what will you do with the old ones you have lying around? Direct Metals Recycling has found 5 charities that accept your e-waste.

Broken Cell PhoneClose the Gap

Close the Gap accepts computers, refurbishes the technology, and donates them to developing nations. Most of the computers go to schools or educational programs so you know they are being used for a noble cause. If the computer is too far beyond repair, they recycle it. 

National Christina Foundation

This non-profit works with charities, schools, and public agencies to put technology in the hands of at-risk student, economically disadvantaged, and the disabled. They accept computers, software, and other business technology.


A partnership between two well known names, Dell and Goodwill, reconnect accepts used computer equipment for either resale or recycling. Proceeds go to Goodwill and their job training, career placement, and other community services.

Hope Phones

This charity connects medical workers and gives them access to much needed wireless phones. They accept your unwanted or broken cell phones in connection with The Wireless Source which refurbishes and sells them, or recycles them completely.

Call to Protect

Similar to Hope Phones, Call to Protect uses your old cell phones to work against domestic violence. The phones go to various national organizations that work to end domestic violence.

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