Selling Car Radiators for Scrap Cash

RadiatorDirect Metals Recycling has scrap metal recycling facilities all over Georgia. We accept radiators at all of our locations including Macon, Augusta, and Atlanta. When you are out collecting scrap to sell for cash, these are the things you want to keep in mind when it comes to radiators.

  • We accept all kinds of radiators.
  • Brass radiators will be found in cars that were produced in or before 1990. Many large trucks still use brass radiators because they are more durable than aluminum radiators.
  • Aluminum radiators will be found in most cars newer than a 1990 year model. Before bringing them in to scrap, remove the plastic that is on the ends. That way you’ll be able to sell the radiator as clean sheet aluminum and get a higher price per pound.
  • To find out our current prices on radiators, just call!

While Direct Metals Recycling only accepts non-ferrous materials for recycling, there are many other parts that you can scrap off of a junk car including aluminum rims, aluminum bumpers, batteries, rotors, and catalytic converters. Bring in your load of scrap car parts today to get the highest prices for your scrap load with our honest and transparent pricing policies.

Img via Flickr. 

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