Scrap Metal Theft Down – Great News For All

Let’s face it, no one likes to hear about theft taking place in your area. Well, I guess if you’re the one committing the theft you might be pretty happy with yourself, but the REST of the world tends to be less than excited every time scrap yardanother news story breaks out regarding a local shop that was recently a victim of theft.

The same can be said for scrap metal theft. We’ve mentioned the importance of reporting¬†scrap metal theft on the blog before so I won’t waste your time by explaining it all again. In fact, you could say that this update falls on the POSITIVE side of metal theft.

A recent report showed that scrap metal theft is DOWN!

Businesses are now required to take a number of precautionary steps to limit the amount of scrap metal theft that takes place. Business owners take a photo of the sellers, make a copy of their photo ID, and take down their license plate number and vehicle description. Talk about covering all the bases! The preventative measures resulted in a drop in crime and made it much less appealing for thieves to make an unlawful attempt.

Here’s hoping EVERY STATE continues to see a drop in scrap metal theft so businesses like Atlanta’s Direct Metals Recycling can continue to thrive!

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  1. Thanks for the post, and it’s good to see that the scrap metal thefts are going down. Because a while ago there were scrap metal thefts happening all over the states. Now hopefully it will be able to settle down.