Scrap Metal: The Future of Metal

Recycling scrap metal is more than just a hobby, it is more than just a job. All of the scrappers out there – both commercial and individuals – are doing their part to help save the planet. Direct Metals Recycling shares with you some of the facts about scrap metal recycling and how scrap metal is the future of metal. In a recent article published on, Anne Staley brought to light the facts about scrap metal recycling and just how important it is to our future.

Scrap Metal Economy RecyclingThe Facts published a report back in 2009 that calculated the usage rates of virgin metal from the earth versus the supply that earth has to offer, and reported that if we continued to use our natural resources and produce waste at the current rate, that we would need two planets to support our demands by the early 2030s. In September of 2013, that date is creeper closer.

Industry Support

As we deplete our natural resources, we are going to have to find ways to sustain ourselves with other channels of materials. The scrap metal recycling industry is providing these alternative materials.

Last year, according to the ISRI fact sheet, 135 million metric tons of scrap were recycled in the US and sold to consumers both in the US, and to other countries. The value of the metal alone that is included in that number reaches $90 billion, and as it was exported to other countries as converted, raw materials, it generated $28 billion in export sales. Those numbers are hard to argue.

These are just the economical facts about scrap metal and how important it is to the US economy. Next week we will share with you the facts about scrap metal’s impact on the health of the earth.

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