Scrap Metal Pricing Tips

Scrap metal is a great way to profit from seemingly unusable parts, but to see the highest profit you need to pay attention to a few things. Direct Metal Recycling, located in Atlanta, GA, has these tips to have in your arsenal when negotiating scrap pricing.

Component Considerationsmoney

Scrap metal prices depend on not only the type of metal you’re selling but also where you got that metal. Car engines, batteries, starters, radiators and other products contain large amounts of metal bound up with other materials such as rubber or canvas. The presence of other materials may make it more difficult to extract the metal, leading to lower prices; you should thus remove the metal scraps before you scrap them in order to maximize profits. You may be able to sell the other materials elsewhere.

Quantity Concerns

Scrap dealers are often willing to pay higher prices for metals if you can bring them large quantities of those metals or make regular deliveries. Determine the maximum amount of metal you can reasonably expect to scrap each month and negotiate with the dealer to find a fair price for consistent service.

Other Options

Every time you sell metal, check to see what prices all of the local scrap dealers are offering. If one of them provides a higher price for some of your metals than your current dealer, go to your dealer and politely ask if they can match this price. Most dealers are eager to hold onto repeat sellers and will happily pay more to keep your business.

Future Forecasts

To get the best prices for your metal, it’s essential to account for not only present prices but also trends that will lead to higher prices. If the demand for cars is predicted to rise, for example, the price of steel, aluminum, and other metals used to make cars will rise with it. Since metal is traded internationally, it’s important to keep an eye on trends everywhere in the world. If developers are planning to build a series of new housing complexes in Mumbai, they will need iron to build support beams and copper for wiring. By devoting just a few minutes to researching global economic trends, you can plan to sell your metal at a time when metal prices will be highest.

Direct Metals Recycling buys a wide range of scrap metal products from sellers throughout the Atlanta area. We pay close attention to metal markets, working hard to offer you the prices you deserve.


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