Scrap Metal Has to Make the Grade

In high school you got report cards, now that we have full time office jobs you get evaluations – you just can’t seem to stay away from someone else telling you whether you’ve made the grade or not. Direct Metals Recycling is adding one more grade to your life, but only after you sell us your scrap metal in Atlanta, GA! Once you turn your scrap metal over to us, it must go through a grading process before it is able to be recycled back into other materials.

The Scrap Metal Recycling ProcessFactory Img

Factories that accept bulk loads of scrap metal are set up to handle specific grades of recycled metal. This means, if they are asking for a load of 95% aluminum and 5% steel, but a metal recycler brings them a load that is 92% aluminum and 8% steel, the plant will not be able to process the load and this improper grading could lead to a complete halt in the manufacturing process.

Grading Metal

After you bring your scrap metal to us, we sort it into appropriate bins containing specific grades that our contacts in the scrap metal recycling processing plants are waiting for. These bins begin with a phone call to the processing plants, asking what kind of metal grades they will be needing in the next several weeks. We carefully sort and grade every piece of scrap metal that comes through our door to make sure we deliver the grades as promised – or better – to the processing centers. Metal is graded based on the type of product that is being recycled. Using our experience and time tested methods, we estimate the make up of  a piece of scrap metal, and sort it into the appropriate bin.

The scrap metal recycling process is important to the economy and the environment. Leaving scrap metal to sit in your yard and corrode, is not only unsightly but could release toxins into the water supply. Clean up your yard and save the environment at the same time by bringing your scrap metal to Direct Metals Recycling in Atlanta, GA!

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