Save Some Dollars While Making Dollars

brake rotorOne of your biggest costs as a scrap metal recyclers are your automotive costs. You’re constantly having to put fuel in your tank and make repairs to your transport vehicle. Taking steps to make your vehicle more economical will cut those costs, effectively helping you make more money while scrapping. Direct Metals Recycling has two tips on how you can save money on your scrap metal recycling vehicle’s regular automotive costs.

Cut Fuel Costs, Increase MPG

Did you know that driving over 60 miles per hour has a significant negative impact on your miles per gallon? Did you know that FedEx and UPS saved thousands of dollars in fuel costs simply by mapping out their routes to make only right hand turns? These are two very simple tricks that will help you save on fuel costs by increasing your MPG.

Keep Up With Maintenance

Some of the worst car costs are major repairs. But, if you simply keep up with a regular maintenance schedule for your vehicle you’ll actually avoid most of those costly repairs. While many people think that skipping an oil change here and there is saving them some money, they are damaging their engine and transmission. Think long term and make sure that you are keeping up with the regular oil changes, brake pad replacements, new transmission fluids, etc to make your car last longer without those expensive repairs.

Direct Metals looks forward to seeing you at our Norcross scrap metal recycling center with a load full of e-waste, catalytic converters, and aluminum wheels this week in your well maintained vehicle!

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