Safety Tips for Our Scrappers

Collecting scrap metal can be fun, exciting and financially rewarding. However, despite the list of pros scrap metal truckthere is one potential con that needs to be considered. It comes in the area of safety. Over our years in the scrap metal recycling industry we’ve met individuals and heard stories about accidents that have happened when safety was not kept a priority. Did you know that the leading cause of disability is back pain? In fact, up to 50% of Americans have dealt with lower back pain at some point in life. When we consider these facts and much of the heavy lifting that comes with scrap metal recycling, we feel it is important to remind you to keep safety as a priority.

  1. Life and bend with your knees and not with your back
  2. If at all possible partner up to split the weight evenly
  3. Use a dolly whenever possible
  4. Try to avoid lifting anything that is over half of your weight

While these tips are great when it comes to lifting, we’ve also noticed that once a load is in a pick-up, truck, or trailer, it is essential that it is properly tied down.

Our tips for properly tying down scrap metal loads include using the following equipment:

  1. Tarps
  2. Cargo nets
  3. Ratchet Straps

Don’t forget that if you have an oversize load that is sticking out of the back of your vehicle, you should clearly mark it with a red flag, bandana, T-shirt or other red material you have handy to help other drivers steer clear. Contact Direct Metals Recycling with any questions you have regarding scrap metal recycling and current market prices.

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