Safety First: Personal Protection

Hard HatWe’ve often talked about how to protect the people around you while you’re collecting scrap metal, but we want to take a moment to emphasize how important it is to keep your own safety in mind while you are on the hunt for a good pile of scrap. Direct Metals Recycling makes sure that our employees are always safe in our recycling centers. Putting safety at the top of our list makes sure that everyone gets to enjoy another day. Here are our top recommendations for safety gear for scrap metal recyclers.

  1. Gloves – You never know what you’ll be picking up or sifting through. Protect your hands from cuts, scrapes, burns, and chemicals with a good pair of leather gloves. 
  2. Safety Glasses – When you are dismantling scrap metal, something could go flying. Make sure that you don’t lose and eye from a flying piece of metal!
  3. Steel Toed Boots – Not only could these save you from a world of pain, they could save you from several broken toes or a broken foot. Do us a favor – just wear them!
  4. A Hard Hat – If you are collecting scrap in a dangerous area, you’ve gotten permission to come into a construction site, or you’ve simply got a large load your packing on your trailer, a hard hat is always a bright idea.

Please stay safe out there scrappers, we want to see you again and again at our scrap metal recycling centers in Augusta, GA!

Img via Flickr. 

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