Resolve to Recycle in the New Year!

Can you believe it!? We are wrapping up here in 2015 and, in a couple of days, will start anew in 2016. New Years is a time to gather with friends and family, and to set goals to be a better you in the new year.New Years 2016 Many people resolve to better themselves with goals like eating healthier or joining a gym. If this was your resolution last year, and this year you are struggling to find something to strive for, why not make your resolution to make the environment around you better! Here at Direct Metals Recycling, located in Norcross, GA, making our environment a better place is a true passion of ours. See why lowering your carbon footprint in the new year is a great resolution you can keep!

  • Reduce Natural Resource Need – Resources like metal are not renewable. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Recycling helps to mitigate the need to deplete the earth of these resources.
  • Future Generations – When you recycle, you are helping to lessen the environmental issue that future generations will face.
  • Reduce Waste Sent to Landfills – Tons upon tons of waste is sent to our city’s landfills each year. The immense amount of waste contributes to contaminating the ground and water supplies. Let’s commit to do our part to not add to that waste in the new year!
  • Reduce Pollution – This one speaks for itself. The more we recycle the less pollution we will emit as a whole!

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