Recycling Christmas Lights

Christmas is a week away and you’ve probably already got all of your decorations lit up for the holidays, or you’ll be finishing them up this weekend. How many strings have you pulled out that aren’t working? Direct Metals Recycling has a tip for you to make some cash off of those old light strands.

Christmas LightsCopper Wire

Christmas lights contain strands of copper wire that conduct electricity. This is common in most electrical wiring and that is where many scrappers find their copper for scrapping. There are typically at least two types of copper wire – insulated and non-insulated. When you bring your copper in for pricing, the non-insulated wire will get a higher price, so many scrappers opt to take off insulation before bringing in their loads. This is not the case with Christmas lights.

Christmas Light Recycling

If you are bringing in a load of Christmas lights for recycling this year, keep them separate from the rest of your wire. These strands will receive a lower price due to the additional plastic content from the bulbs. It is best for you to just leave the strands intact versus spending the time it would take to strip the wires down to bare copper.

Ask your friends, ask your neighbors, and bring in a load of old, broken Christmas lights to Direct Metals Recycling in Macon, GA so you can put a little bit of holiday cash back in your pocket!

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