Recycle your Scrap Metal, Feed the Economy

So far this year alone – and we are only at March 15th – the world population has already grown by 15 million people. That means that the population will grow by an estimated 73,986,490 people in the year 2013 alone! With those numbers in mind, now think about how many structures, cars and various other things will be manufactured that need raw metals. Where is all of that metal coming from? Thanks to metal recycling companies like Direct Metal Recycling in Atlanta, GA, and our customers, there will never be a shortage of raw metals.


Mining and ore processing are resource intensive activities. This, coupled with the ever increasing demand for copper and other precious metals could potentially lead to copper and other raw metal shortages. But because Direct Metals Recycling and other recycling companies are constantly reclaiming metals to be used for new processes, we are able to relieve some of the stress on Mother Earth by reusing the materials she has already given us rather than stripping her of the small amount that is left.

Recycling scrap metal has a direct impact on the economy. Increasing demand for materials in short supply will drive up costs across the board. To do your part in keeping raw materials at as low a cost as possible, recycle all of your scrap metal. Don’t trash that aluminum can, recycle it! Aluminium is one of the most recyclable metals out there. Next time you change your brake rotors or need to dispose of a catalytic converter, call Direct Metals Recycling in Atalanta, GA and get paid for getting rid of your scrap!