Properly Sorting Scrap Metal

If you are new to scrapping, one key skill you need to learn is sorting your scrap metal. You will be able to make more money on your hard found scrap if you bring it into Direct Metals Recycling in Atlanta, GA presorted into its appropriate types.

Sorting Scrap MetalLearn About Metal

Before you can even begin to sort your scrap, you have to know the differences between the types of metal. Direct Metals Recycling only accepts non-ferrous materials – anything that does not contain iron. The easiest way to determine if your metal contains iron is with a magnet – if the magnet sticks, it is a ferrous metal (contains iron). Next, sort your metal further into types such as copper, aluminum, and brass.

Clean Your Metal

You will earn more money on some items if you first break them down into their appropriate parts. For example, you will get paid more for breaking down an AC unit and stripping out the aluminum and copper than you would if you brought us the entire appliance.

Spend Your Time Wisely

Some metal inherently fetches a higher price at the scrap yard. Copper typically is priced higher than most other metals so focus your scrapping time on finding copper in wires, appliances, and tubing to get more money for your scrap pile.

Get to Know Us

Direct Metals Recycling welcomes both amateur and professional scrappers alike. The more you read our blog, browse our website, and visit our scrap metal recycling locations all over Georgia the more you will learn tips and tricks about the scrap metal recycling trade.

Now you are armed with more information about scrap metal recycling and it’s time for you to get out there and find yourself some scrap! We look forward to seeing you loaded down with a haul at our Macon, Georgia location! 

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