Preventing Metal Theft in Georgia

Over the past many years, there has been much debate over the legislation governing recycling industries, particularly scrap metal. These debates have lead to changes in the scrap metal industry that aim to reduce scrap metal theft in our great state of Georgia. As a scrapper, it is important that you know how to legally recycle scrap metal with us at Direct Metals Recycling in Atlanta, GA. 

To make sure that you are keeping your scrapping legal, keep these few easy tips in mind:

  • If it’s not yours, don’t take it, without permission.
  • Oral permission is good, written permission is always better.
  • The scrap metal industry is always under scrutiny, but we play a large role in the US economy. Represent your business and yourself well to help us be proud of our livelihood.

There are many resources across the web where you can find specifics on the current scrap metal recycling laws in Georgia. Here are several of our favorites:

On top of making sure that you are following all of the scrap laws in Georgia, you can help prevent scrap metal theft by reporting any suspicious or illegal activity to local law enforcement. Never try to take matters into your own hands!

Join Direct Metals Recycling in our mission to offer transparent and ethical scrap metal recycling practices in the state of Georgia.

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