Out With the Old, In With the New

Did you know that one of the most highly recycled items is a car battery? Often, people will return them to wherever they are buying their new battery, but they can also be brought to a scrap metal recycler like Direct Metals Recycling and you can get cash for your trash!

What Materials in Car Batteries Get RecycledCar Battery For Recycling

Every new car battery contains between 60 to 80 percent of recycled plastic and lead, according to the Battery Council International. Because of their extremely high recycle rates, car batteries have become one of the environmental successes of our time. Comparatively, aluminum cans only get recycled 55% of the time while tires only get recycled 25% of the time. It became increasingly important for the recycling of car batteries because of the exorbitant cost of manufacturing new plastic and lead for new batteries. Instead, the lead and plastic that is currently in use for car batteries can be recycled again and again indefinitely. Saving the environment from any hazardous side effects of creating new materials, and from the potential of old batteries being left to leak and rot into the soil.

Battery Recycling Safety

Make sure that you are extremely careful when handling used car batteries. Wear protective clothing, gloves, and eye wear when handling a spent battery – especially if it is leaking. When transporting your battery, store it upright in a water tight container.

Do you have an old car battery that has seen better days? We want it! Direct Metals Recycling has locations all over Georgia including Atlanta, Augusta, and MaconWe hope to see you with an old car battery for recycling here soon!