Oh The Many Possibilities of Metals

If you’ve had the chance to take a look around our website, you’ll see that Direct Metals Recycling buys your scrap non ferrous metal and scrap catalytic converters at competitive prices. We strive to transcend industry standards of honesty, integrity, and environmental responsibility by taking customers through a transparent business process of honest grading and pricing, to ensure you get the best offer possible. So let’s just say you’ve decided to work with us and are collecting all of your scrap metal for recycling. You might be interested to know what kind of future is in store for all those scraps. In other words, what the heck do we do with the stuff once we buy it from you? Here’s a little Metal Recycling 101.   The most common types of metals, and the ones most likely to be hiding in YOUR pile of scraps, include aluminum, steel, and copper.

steel scraps

Aluminum cans, aluminum foil, and even the tiny wrappers on hershey’s kisses are some of the most recognizable forms of recyclable aluminum. Recycled aluminum can be re-melted to create new aluminum, a process that only takes 5% of the energy needed to make brand new aluminum. Since over 30% of all aluminum products are made from recycled scrap aluminum, the likelihood that your lunch-time soda can is made of recycled materials is pretty high!

When it comes to steel, take a look at all the tin cans that come in and out of your house each year. Household steel can be put to great use when recycled. Recycling steel actually prevents the need for excess iron and coal mining and producing new steel from recycled steel uses less energy than starting from ‘scratch’. Recycled steel can be remade into building materials, car parts, and household appliances which, when each has run it’s course, can then be recycled back again! Talk about saving landfill space!

Lastly, copper is another popular metal that can be put to use well after it’s initial use. Copper is probably all around you at this very moment, inside your appliances (refrigerators, microwaves), inside your garage (car parts),  inside your walls (piping), and outside in your telephone wiring. Copper is not only a versatile metal, but extremely long-lasting. Consider the fact that the Statue of Liberty contains around 180,000 pounds of copper and although Mother Nature has given her a beating, she’s still standing strong and, dare I say, more beautiful than when she first arrived. Like aluminum and steel, copper can be melted down and turned into new copper, which then makes up HALF of the copper consumed each year in North America alone.

Being able to recycle and reuse these metals not only saves money, but keeps dangerous pollutants from sickening the environment. So while you may think bringing your scrap metal to Direct Metals Recycling is just an easy way to make a little cash, you’re also being GREEN at the same time! Talk about a win-win! Contact Direct Metals Recycling for more information.

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net