More Than One Kind Of Copper?

copperWhen you think about the different types of metals available for purchase and sale your first thought probably focuses on aluminum, lead, copper, nickel, etc. But some of these metals have their own variations. Take copper for example. Did you know that there are actually 2 types of copper?

The first type of copper could best be described as naked copper. The best example of this would be a copper pipe with absolutely nothing on it. It is clean, uncoated, and unalloyed. When it comes to copper wiring, if it is uninsulated and thicker than pencil lead, it also considered part of this first category .

The second type of copper is a ‘dirtier’ form of copper. It is not clean in that it still has fittings attached and while it is also not insulated it could have some type of finish remaining. The copper wires that fall into this category are smaller than pencil lead, and may have had the casings burnt off causing the copper to appear black from the heat.

Both types are easily bought and sold but may vary in price. Contact Direct Metals Recycling today to learn about current copper pricing and how to tell what kind of copper you have.


photo from flickr: ahisgett




  1. What are the hazards or dangers of collecting dirty copper? I remember wen we went to one place in South East Asia, the residents were chipping off wires from electrical posts to get coppers. Would that cause them chemical harm or something?


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