Making Your Business a Little Greener

Go green! This is a term most of us are familiar with nowadays, but not all of us know how to carry it recycled electronics out. A large part of aiding in the efforts to leave smaller carbon footprints is to recycle. We can recycle in our homes by recycling things like empty milk jugs, but what about the workplace? The home is not the only place recyclables exist and working towards a more green-friendly professional stratosphere could really help these efforts. So, what can we be doing to help our offices go green? Direct Metals Recycling, located in Atlanta, GA, is here to help! Check out our tips listed below to help your office and workplace more environmentally conscious.

Recycle Old and Outdated Electronics

Most, if not all, workplaces utilize electronics in their day to day routine. And in this day and age, electronic devices are becoming outdated it seems like on a daily basis. With so many updates and innovations, it’s not uncommon to have electronics laying around. So, why not help the environment and make some money recycling those items in the process? Contact us for more details regarding our electronics recycling and what items we’ll take.

Aluminum Recycling

Caffeine is necessary to any office setting, but with that comes tons of empty soda cans that, more often than not, end up in landfills. So instead of adding to those landfills, why not recycle the cans? Along with the electronics, make some money of those aluminum cans as well!



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