Making Money on Old Cell Phones and Laptops

Slide04As technology is ever changing, we always want the latest and greatest gadgets. Cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc. So, what is happening to all of those old, discarded electronics? Many people have them stuffed in the back of a drawer or cabinet, others throw them into their regular trash bin. Rather than letting those precious metals and recyclable materials go to waste, sell your collection of old electronics to Direct Metals Recycling at any one of our Georgia locations. 

How to Sell Old Cell Phones

There are several parts of your old cell phones that are worth selling to your local Direct Metals Recycling location.

  • The phone (without battery)
  • Actual cell phone batteries
  • Cell phone chargers and sync cords

Gather a collection of any of these cell phone parts while you’re out collecting scrap, or from your family and friends. Bring them in to get paid for old, broken, unused and unwanted cell phones. 

How to Sell Old Laptops

Laptops are also accepted at Direct Metals Recycling. This is a list of their various parts that are valuable:

  • Complete laptops, with batteries and motherboard
  • Individual motherboards – clean green and non-green
  • Low grade boards
  • Hard drives with board
  • Memory
  • Chargers – with wires attached
  • Batteries, including lithium-ion

Again, your best bet when scrapping laptops and their associated pieces is to collect a stock pile and bring them all in at once. You’ll receive a better payoff for your time and effort when you bring a larger load in one trip rather than several smaller trips.

Direct Metals Recycling accepts e-waste at all of our Georgia locations including Macon, Augusta, and Atlanta. If you have questions about the types of e-waste we accept, just contact us! We’ll be happy to help you.

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