Keep Your Scrapping Legal

Scrap metal collection is a great idea – it benefits the scrapper, it benefits the environment, it benefits the garbage man that doesn’t have to heft a huge fridge into his trash truck because you’ve already taken it out of his way. Nonetheless, some people take offense to you picking their trash off of the curb without their permission. Direct Metals Recycling has some suggestions on how to keep your scrap metal collection on the good side of your local law enforcement.

Trash is a Public DomainScrap Metal Collection

When someone places their trash on the curb for collection, it has been placed into a public domain. If trash is placed on the curb, it is then ready to be picked up by the publicly contracted trash service. While it would follow that you would then also be allowed to pick up scrap metal out of these piles, some local laws have made such trash picking illegal. So, one surefire way to avoid any run-ins with the law would be to first ask the homeowner if you could relieve their trash pile of whatever scrap metal you are drooling over. With permission, you are allowed to take whatever you want. As a side note – trash in a public domain does not include a private dumpster that is locked, something in a recycling bin, or trash beside someone’s house.

Keeping it Collected

Once you have made your scrap run and your truck is starting to get full, do not make the mistake of letting your truck overflow with trash. Among the options for a resolution to this problem you could choose a truck shell, bed cover, driving a van, or the least expensive option of a tarp and some ratchet straps.

Direct Metals Recycling wants all of you scrappers to get out there and collect some scrap metal from around Atlanta, GA, but make sure you do it legally and safely so we can see you here at our scrap yard very soon!