I Like Your Radioactive Belt Buckle

Something no one should ever be able to say, “I like your radioactive belt buckle.” Or, “This meat is tasting a bit radioactive today.” While no one could ever actually say this because you’d never know if the metals in your everyday life were radioactive or not, it is possible that those metals could be radioactive if the federal government gets its way.

Recently the US Department of Energy (DOE) has made a proposal to lift restriction on metal recycling and reuse of nuclear waste. Lifting this restriction would mean that the waste could be used in everyday consumer products such as belt buckles, silverware, and surgical devices.

There are 14,000 metric tons of radioactive waste from years of nuclear testing and Radioactivewartime activities that the government is trying to dump into consumer products. If this proposal was to pass, it would mean that consumers would be exposed to radiation on a daily basis and would never know about it until they started to see side effects.

Its not unusual for radioactive goods to slip over the border from India and China so consumers already are being exposed to radiation without their knowledge. On going exposure has been proven to cause birth defects, cataracts, cancer, and numerous other health problems.

To keep our consumer products clean, you can contact the DOE at scrap_PEAcomments@hq.doe.gov

Or write to:

Jane Summerson
P.O. Box 5400, Bldg. 401K AFB East
Albuquerque, NM 87185

If you have any metals you need taken out of your way, (that are non-radioactive of course) give us a call today at Direct Metals Recycling!