Grading Copper for Scrap Metal Recycling

When you bring in metal for scrap recycling, before it can be sent off to be processed down into raw materials, it must be graded and sorted. To read an overview on the grading process, check out our previous post about grading scrap metal, but essentially each type of metal must be ‘cleaned’ – removed of any non-recyclable parts – and ‘graded’ – sorted according to its weight of the desired scrap metal. For copper, the grading and cleaning process is relatively simple, but Direct Metals Recycling wants you to know the ins and outs of the process so that you can get top dollar for your copper scrap metal.

Types of Copper for Scrap Metal RecyclingScrap Metal Recycling Copper Img

There are loads of different types of copper available. Anything from electrical wiring to statues can be made from copper and when it comes to metal, we take just about anything that is non-ferrous. Copper in particular can be found in many places including demolition sites, your own backyard, or even at yard sales. Keep your eyes open for this valuable metal!

Cleaning Your Copper

The cleaner your copper is, the higher the price it will receive when you’re ready to sell it. Cleaning your copper means removing anything from it that is not 100% copper. For example, if you are scrapping electrical wiring, you should first remove all of the plastic insulation. This way, we will be able to weigh in your copper and get a pure weight without having to estimate the percentage of insulation versus copper wiring.

If you are unable to clean your copper before you bring it in for recycling, we will still be happy to buy it from you. We take almost any type of non-ferrous metal and the pricing will depend on its cleanliness, grade, and the current demand of that particular raw material. The higher the demand and lower the supply, the higher the price.

We hope to see you with a load of scrap metal for recycling at Direct Metals Recycling in Augusta, GA or one of our other locations in Georgia or Tennessee.