Gold, Silver, and Platinum, OH MY!

As the devaluation of national currency continues on it’s downward trend, those who seeking financial security are turning to the precious metals market for investments. But the more common option of gold and silver may not be the best place to put your money.

Platinum, although it has not received the attention it deserves, may be the better option for investing. Much rarer than both gold and silver, platinum is a more versatile metal used for things from automobiles and chemical processing to jewelry and glasswork. ¬†Thanks to the current South African mining strike we’ve been keeping you informed on, Platinum is actually in deficit but still at a high demand. Therefore, it’s no surprise the price is higher than ever, at over $1,600 an ounce. And as said before, with the devaluation of standard currency, you can expect for that number to rise making Platinum investment a very SMART investment.

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