Get More Money for Your Scrap Metal

sell-metal-featVeteran scrappers have learned throughout the years just how to collect, separate, and clean their metal to get top dollar at the scrap yard. Today, Direct Metals Recycling is going to share some of those secrets with you so that you can get a little extra cash in your hand next time you come to one of our many scrap metal yards across Georgia. 

  • Aluminum Cans – Always crush them. You’ll be able to carry more at once, and more will fit on the scale.
  • Sheet Aluminum – Strip aluminum down so that’s all that’s left. Remove any steel screws, plastic, rubber, or anything else so that all you have are clean sheets of aluminum.
  • Copper – For most copper wire, you should strip off the insulation, unless you’re dealing with Christmas lights. Copper pipe can be cut down into smaller 2-3ft lengths so they will fit on the scale easier.
  • Appliances and Motors – Disassemble any scrap appliances or motors your have down to the most valuable components such as the aluminum and copper wire.
  • Aluminum Wheels – remove any thing that is still on that wheel that is not the aluminum wheel itself.
  • Catalytic Converters – You do not need to completely take apart catalytic converters. Simply cut the ends off and scrap them in one piece.

You’ll always get more money for your load of scrap if it is pre-cleaned and sorted into its appropriate piles and types of metal. At Direct Metals Recycling, you’ll always get top dollar for your scrap metal because we skip the middle man and sell directly to end users.

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