Fetch the Highest Dollar: Checking Scrap Metal Prices

Every scrapper wants to get paid top dollar for their load of scrap metal to hopefully repay the many hours spent finding, cleaning, and hauling their scrap metal around. Direct Metals Recycling has some tips for on how to check scrap metal prices in your area.

1. Call or Visit

The easiest way to check prices in your local area is to call the Direct Metals Recycling center closest to you. We can tell you the price on whatever type of metal you are looking to sell that day.

Recycling Scrap Metal

2. Do Your Research

Scrap metal prices change according to fluctuations in the market and the economy. Just because the price is $0.50/lb today doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be $0.40/lb tomorrow. Before bringing in your load of scrap metal, do some research on how the market has been acting recently. Direct Metals Recycling will always pay top dollar for your scrap metal, but that dollar will change according to the day’s market.

3. Quality

You are going to get a higher price for metal that is properly cleaned. If you have an AC unit or other house hold applicance, make sure that you strip it down into its separate parts before bringing it in. You will make more money overall for the individual copper, aluminum, etc. than you would on the unit as a whole.

Direct Metals Recycling is able to pay top dollar for scrap metal because we sell directly to the end users. Come by our Norcross, GA location today to sell your scrap!

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