Dismantling Appliances to Increase Value

Did you know that when we have to clean your scrap metal for you, we have to pay you less for it? This doesn’t mean that we are necessarily paying you for less than the metal is worth, but it means that when we have to calculate a selling price for your scrap, we have to take into consideration how much time and labor it will take to get it from the current state it is in, into a state that our buyers will accept it to be melted down into the raw material, and how much extra materials are in the way of the wanted raw metal. So, to help you make more money at the scrap yard, Direct Metals Recycling in Norcross, GA has a list of appliances that would benefit you more and fetch you a higher price if they were dismantled, than they would if you brought them to us in one piece.

Scrap Metal Air ConditionerAir Conditioning Units: 

  • Power Cord – insulated copper
  • Copper tubing
  • Aluminum fin
  • Electric Copper Motor
  • Sealed Unit

Washing Machines and Dryers:

  • Electric Motor Cover
  • Magnets from inside of the motor cover
  • Copper from inside of the motor
  • Electrical wiring – insulated copper


  • Electrical Cord
  • Copper wire
  • Copper pipes and pieces

No matter what you are bringing in to us to sell for scrap, you will always get a higher price if it is cleaned first. That goes for appliances, aluminum wheels, and even insulated copper wire. You will fetch a higher price per pound if you first strip the insulation off of your wire then sell it to us than you would by bringing us the insulated wire. Good luck scrappers!