Direct Metals Recycling Buys Catalytic Converters

catalytic converter imageAt Direct Metals Recycling, we handle much more than what you’d find in you’re weekly recycling bin. Along with basic types of scraps (aluminum, copper, batteries, etc) we also handle the buying and selling of catalytic converters. Not sure what a catalytic converter is, or if you have one worth selling? Let us shed a little light on the subject.

Without diving into the nitty-gritty mechanics of it all, a catalytic converter is a device that controls a vehicle’s emission output.  Through catalysed chemical reactions, they convert the toxic byproducts found in an internal combustion engine’s exhaust into less toxic substances. When a catalytic converter has run it’s course, don’t just pitch it in the trash, bring it to us!

We are proud to create a market for the Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) that exist in catalytic converters. Foreign and domestic refiners, exporters, brokers and automotive manufacturers bid on our materials on a daily basis, allowing us to offer the best prices to our customers.  Unlike other catalytic converter buyers who sell their converters to a limited number of middle men, Direct Metals Recycling is a high volume buyer who sells directly and puts buyers to the test to compete for our materials. In the end we wind up with a better sale and a better payback for YOU.

For today’s catalytic converter pricing, call us at 877- 959-1400 or visit the Contact page for direct numbers to the location nearest you!  Find us at one of our Georgia locations; Atlanta, Norcross, Augusta, or Macon.


  1. […] Catalytic converters are devices used on engines that control emissions and protect the environment by converted toxic combustion byproducts, into less toxic substances. Catalytic converters can be found on the exhaust systems of vehicles, generators, buses, motorized equipment, airplanes, among many other things. When these machines have seen their better days and are ready to be retired, the catalytic converters can be stripped and brought to a scrap metal recycling center like Direct Metals Recycling in Atlanta, GA to be sorted, cleaned and recycled back into new catalytic converters. There are two different types of catalytic converters: metal core and ceramic core. Both can be recycled, though the process is slightly different for each. […]

  2. […] Thankfully, those days have passed, and now your scrap metal that you bring in for cash at Direct Metals Recycling primarily goes into the manufacturing of new cars. Bring us your extra scrap metal and get top dollar! […]