Debunking Scrap Metal Myths

How long have you been a scrapper? Years? Months? Is this how you make your living or a way to make some extra cash on the side? No matter how long you’ve been collecting and selling scrap metal, there are a few things that we want to clear up for you. Direct Metals Recycling has heard all kinds of scrap metal myths, these are just a few of the ones that we wanted to point out and clear up for every scrapper out there.

Scrap Metal Computer TowerMYTH: Taking apart PC towers releases harmful gasses.

TRUTH: The only gas ┬áthat PC towers hold is air – the regular air that you and I breathe everyday. So, no, taking them apart does not release any kind of toxic fumes into the environment.

MYTH: PC hard drives contain lots of precious metals and are worth a LOT!

TRUTH: At one point during the manufacture of hard drives, they did contain a relatively large amount of precious metals. As technology has increased, the need to use such precious metals has decreased, so hard drives are still worth scrapping, just don’t expect to get a large payout from them.

MYTH: Catalytic converters should be completely dismantled before bringing them in for scrap.

TRUTH: As far as scrapping catalytic converters, the only thing you need to do before you bring them in is cut their ends off so we can see the inside and tell what kind of honeycomb is in there. No need to completely dismantle it.

MYTH: You should cut the copper wire out of copper transformers.

TRUTH: While cutting the copper wire out isn’t going to hurt you, it isn’t worth the extra time it takes for the difference in price. It is both more time and cost effective to just scrap the copper transformer in one piece.

These are a few scrap metal recycling myths that we have debunked for you. So, next time you bring a catalytic converter to our Norcross, GA scrap metal recycling location, just cut the ends off. Do you have a scrap metal myth you want resolved? Leave it in the comments below!