Copper: Good as Gold

Copper is in high demand. At Direct Metals Recycling in Atlanta, GA, we are always accepting loads of copper for recycling, and will give you top dollar for your scrap metal. If you are looking to make a little extra cash, here are 3 top places you could find some copper to bring in for recycling, and fill up your wallet.

1. Electrical WiringCopper Kettle

Next time you are driving through Atlanta or an old part of town and you see a house that is being demolished, that is prime real estate for finding copper for recycling. The electrical wires in houses, once they are stripped of insulation, can yield a high amount of copper ready for recycling. To gain access to this copper resource, contact the property owner and ask their permission before venturing onto their land.

2. Architectural Design

While you are on the prowl for demolition sites, keep in mind that there could be copper on the actual siding, roofing, or decorative aspects of the old building. At one point, copper was a common material used to add interest to buildings or was used for its properties of durability. Copper could have been used on roofs, gutters, domes, vaults, spires, and expansion joints. Again, it is important to ask property owners first!

3. Yard Sales

This is probably one of the less obvious places to find copper, but it can definitely be found! The metal is used to make things like statues, tea pots, spigots, even drink dispensers. When you can find it, this is a great way to find a large volume of copper, quickly.

Take a weekend and dig around your local area for some old copper, ready for recycling! Bring it by Direct Metals Recycling and get a pretty penny (pun intended) for your efforts!