Ferrous and Non-Ferrous: What’s the Difference?

Within the scrap metal recycling community, this is one of the most commonly asked questions. “What is the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metals?” Simply put, non-ferrous materials do not contain iron and ferrous metals do.

At Direct Metals Recycling in Atlanta, GA, we specialize in recycling non-ferrous metals. Before you bring in your next haul of scrap metal, keep these things in mind:

  • copper pipeNon-ferrous metals include aluminum, zinc, brass, copper, tin, and lead.
  • Precious metals such as gold and platinum are included as well
  • Non-ferrous metals are quite malleable and can easily be reshaped.. Think about art fairs and the wire-wrapping that you can sometimes see there with jewelry made of copper, gold, and silver.
  • Non-ferrous metals are not magnetic. For this reason we recommend that a magnet is used for your scrapping needs.
  • Non-ferrous metals resist rusting and corroding away. This is why many of these can be found in building materials such as aluminum siding and gutters.
  • These metals are often light in weight which is another reason why they are chosen to be used in automobile components.

Knowing these characteristics is quite helpful when searching for scrap metal to cash in on. We’ve seen many builders and contractors that have found easy access to scrap from work sites. We’ve also met many automotive professionals that are able to easily scrap out old parts that need replacing. Regardless of how you go about finding your scrap, make sure you always keep safety and the law in mind.

We are happy to offer four metro Atlanta locations for your non-ferrous scrap metal recycling needs. Contact us for today’s pricing.

Scrap Metal Around the Home

So you’ve decided to start recycling scrap metal? Welcome! Recycling ferrous and non-ferrous white picket fence metals can be as rewarding as it is lucrative. This process might prove to be a little more difficult upon first attempts, but with a little know-how it’s easy to pick up. Other than deciphering one metal from another, one of the more difficult places to get started is just where to find it all. Scrap metal is all around us, you just have to know where to look. For beginners a good place to start is in the home! Direct Metals Recycling, located in Augusta, GAis here to help. Check out the following places on your next scrap metal search.

Around the Home

  • Old Electronics – This is a great place to start your journey. Nowadays, most homes have old electronic components laying around. So instead of letting it collect dust and take up space, make some money off of it. Find that old brick phone or computer and take it to the scrap yard for some cash.
  • Old Car Parts – Have you ever changed the rotors on your car or had your catalytic converter replaced? Before you throw those “unusable” parts in the trash, take a look at that part and start seeing dollar signs.
  • Aluminum Cans – Spring is upon us, and the crack of cool drinks in an aluminum can is sounding throughout the air. Before you discard those cans, take them to us for recycling!

We hope this helps! These three items will help get you started on your way to becoming a scrapping pro. For more tips and scrap metal updates, check us out on social media. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


Scrap Metal Pricing Tips

Scrap metal is a great way to profit from seemingly unusable parts, but to see the highest profit you need to pay attention to a few things. Direct Metal Recycling, located in Atlanta, GA, has these tips to have in your arsenal when negotiating scrap pricing.

Component Considerationsmoney

Scrap metal prices depend on not only the type of metal you’re selling but also where you got that metal. Car engines, batteries, starters, radiators and other products contain large amounts of metal bound up with other materials such as rubber or canvas. The presence of other materials may make it more difficult to extract the metal, leading to lower prices; you should thus remove the metal scraps before you scrap them in order to maximize profits. You may be able to sell the other materials elsewhere.

Quantity Concerns

Scrap dealers are often willing to pay higher prices for metals if you can bring them large quantities of those metals or make regular deliveries. Determine the maximum amount of metal you can reasonably expect to scrap each month and negotiate with the dealer to find a fair price for consistent service.

Other Options

Every time you sell metal, check to see what prices all of the local scrap dealers are offering. If one of them provides a higher price for some of your metals than your current dealer, go to your dealer and politely ask if they can match this price. Most dealers are eager to hold onto repeat sellers and will happily pay more to keep your business.

Future Forecasts

To get the best prices for your metal, it’s essential to account for not only present prices but also trends that will lead to higher prices. If the demand for cars is predicted to rise, for example, the price of steel, aluminum, and other metals used to make cars will rise with it. Since metal is traded internationally, it’s important to keep an eye on trends everywhere in the world. If developers are planning to build a series of new housing complexes in Mumbai, they will need iron to build support beams and copper for wiring. By devoting just a few minutes to researching global economic trends, you can plan to sell your metal at a time when metal prices will be highest.

Direct Metals Recycling buys a wide range of scrap metal products from sellers throughout the Atlanta area. We pay close attention to metal markets, working hard to offer you the prices you deserve.


Safety Tips for Our Scrappers

Collecting scrap metal can be fun, exciting and financially rewarding. However, despite the list of pros scrap metal truckthere is one potential con that needs to be considered. It comes in the area of safety. Over our years in the scrap metal recycling industry we’ve met individuals and heard stories about accidents that have happened when safety was not kept a priority. Did you know that the leading cause of disability is back pain? In fact, up to 50% of Americans have dealt with lower back pain at some point in life. When we consider these facts and much of the heavy lifting that comes with scrap metal recycling, we feel it is important to remind you to keep safety as a priority.

  1. Life and bend with your knees and not with your back
  2. If at all possible partner up to split the weight evenly
  3. Use a dolly whenever possible
  4. Try to avoid lifting anything that is over half of your weight

While these tips are great when it comes to lifting, we’ve also noticed that once a load is in a pick-up, truck, or trailer, it is essential that it is properly tied down.

Our tips for properly tying down scrap metal loads include using the following equipment:

  1. Tarps
  2. Cargo nets
  3. Ratchet Straps

Don’t forget that if you have an oversize load that is sticking out of the back of your vehicle, you should clearly mark it with a red flag, bandana, T-shirt or other red material you have handy to help other drivers steer clear. Contact Direct Metals Recycling with any questions you have regarding scrap metal recycling and current market prices.

Why Should You Recycle Catalytic Converters?

Found in commercial vehicles, cars, and motorcycles, catalytic converters are one of the most important old car repair parts of an automobile. However, they get worn after some time and need to be replaced. It’s most advisable to collect them for scrap as opposed to re-using them as this is a part that can note be fixed, but must be replaced.

So, why should you bother about recycling the catalytic converters?

These catalytic converters contain a myriad of precious metals which are currently in high demand. These precious metals are used in modern electronic products. In addition to the  precious metals, there are scrap metals in the converters which ought to be recycled in order to protect the environment. By recycling, we ensure that there is a reduction in the amount of metals which need to be mined.

What do the experts have to say about this?

According to industry experts, a large amount of catalytic converters normally become obsolete because car catalysts ought to be replaced every so often or when high mileage is reached.  Increased fuel consumption is one of the red flags that should enable you to know if your car’s converter is out of order.

Protection of the environment

The main essence of recycling obsolete catalytic converters is to save the environment. Most of these converters contain metals that might harm the environment. In order to ensure that no more of such types of metals are mined, recycling seems to be the preferred option for most parties.

Valuable metals equal valuable scrap

It is also economically viable to collect these catalytic converters for scrap. By doing so, you can sell the converters to scrap metal recycling companies such as Direct Metals Recycling in Atlanta for money. Leaving the job to the professionals when it involves disassembling a catalytic converter is important. Direct Metals Recycling removes the middle man in the process of recycling scrap catalytic converters, so you are able to get more money for your finds.

Contact any of our Direct Metals Recycling locations to inquire about today’s current rates for catalytic converter recycling.

Making Your Business a Little Greener

Go green! This is a term most of us are familiar with nowadays, but not all of us know how to carry it recycled electronics out. A large part of aiding in the efforts to leave smaller carbon footprints is to recycle. We can recycle in our homes by recycling things like empty milk jugs, but what about the workplace? The home is not the only place recyclables exist and working towards a more green-friendly professional stratosphere could really help these efforts. So, what can we be doing to help our offices go green? Direct Metals Recycling, located in Atlanta, GA, is here to help! Check out our tips listed below to help your office and workplace more environmentally conscious.

Recycle Old and Outdated Electronics

Most, if not all, workplaces utilize electronics in their day to day routine. And in this day and age, electronic devices are becoming outdated it seems like on a daily basis. With so many updates and innovations, it’s not uncommon to have electronics laying around. So, why not help the environment and make some money recycling those items in the process? Contact us for more details regarding our electronics recycling and what items we’ll take.

Aluminum Recycling

Caffeine is necessary to any office setting, but with that comes tons of empty soda cans that, more often than not, end up in landfills. So instead of adding to those landfills, why not recycle the cans? Along with the electronics, make some money of those aluminum cans as well!



The Many Uses of Scrap Metal

Everyday, more and more people decide to join the masses and recycle. The benefits of recycling thingssoda can like plastic and scrap metal are endless. Most of us understand the benefits, but where are these recycled materials used? Here, at Direct Metals Recycling, located in Norcross, GA, we specialize in recycling non-ferrous metal materials, and in order to help you visualize the good you are doing, we want to help you track the fruits of your scrapping labor. Check out a lot of the major uses for scrap metal materials!

  • The Home – Many of the home furnishings you use and enjoy in your home utilize recycled materials. Much of the metal you see in objects like tables or lamps are comprised of scrap metal.
  • Art – This one isn’t for everyone, but for those of you who are artistically inclined, scrap metal materials can be used for art!
  • Industrial – Much of the recycled metals in the United States goes to help make parts for appliances and building materials. When you walk into a building or structure there is a good chance that materials you have recycled have contributed to building it!
  • Packaging – From the cans of soup you pick up at the grocery store, to cans of soda, almost 100% of the packaging material is recycled!

Tools of the Trade

If you are an avid recycler of scrap metal, having the knowledge to determine what types of metal you Magnet are dealing with is an invaluable asset. There are many tips, tricks and tools of the trade out there to help you with your quest! Direct Metals Recycling, located in Atlanta, GA, has two of the most important scrapping tools for your to have in your belt!

If a scrapper were only allowed 2 tools in their arsenal, we think that the most important would be a magnet and your eyesight.


A simple magnet can, believe it or not, help a scrapper determine whether a particular piece of metal is non-ferrous or not. We specialize in collecting non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, silver, aluminum, and tin. So, being able to decipher which metals are which, can be extremely beneficial.


Another one of the most important tools for separating one type of material from the next is something you have with you at all times. Your eyes. Knowing some of the visual qualities a metal has can be very helpful in spotting what you are looking for. For example, knowing that copper has a bright reddish or orange color that turns green when weathered is quite important. Additionally, knowing that silver tarnishes when exposed to the elements is equally important!
Have you gathered quite the haul of non-ferrous metal using your two tools? Remember to recycle with Direct Metals Recycling for a great price on your findings! Find a location near you!

Hear From our Customers!

Here, at Direct Metal Recycling, located in Atlanta, GA, recycling is our passion! Our goal is to5 Stars ensure that everyone who brings their scrap metal goods to us has a good and welcoming experience. The better the experience, the more scrap metal we receive and the more we recycle! We strive to offer great services at a fair price and nothing pleases us more than hearing a positive testimony. We’ve received a good number of reviews in recent months and thought it was time to compile them into a blog post! Check out what other people are saying about our recycling services!

  • “They definitely offer better prices than most everyone. And take a large range of different scrap”
  • “Bring all your automotive metals…..best prices!”
  • “Direct Metals Recycling can’t be beat! I would recommend them anytime!”

If these reviews have you pulling all of your scrap metal together to come recycle with us, we welcome you! Direct Metals Recycling accepts a wide range of different metals and offers a fair price. Be sure to check out what types of metals we are looking for!

You can also keep up with the latest in industry news and what is happening in our scrap yard on our social media pages! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


Resolve to Recycle in the New Year!

Can you believe it!? We are wrapping up here in 2015 and, in a couple of days, will start anew in 2016. New Years is a time to gather with friends and family, and to set goals to be a better you in the new year.New Years 2016 Many people resolve to better themselves with goals like eating healthier or joining a gym. If this was your resolution last year, and this year you are struggling to find something to strive for, why not make your resolution to make the environment around you better! Here at Direct Metals Recycling, located in Norcross, GA, making our environment a better place is a true passion of ours. See why lowering your carbon footprint in the new year is a great resolution you can keep!

  • Reduce Natural Resource Need – Resources like metal are not renewable. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Recycling helps to mitigate the need to deplete the earth of these resources.
  • Future Generations – When you recycle, you are helping to lessen the environmental issue that future generations will face.
  • Reduce Waste Sent to Landfills – Tons upon tons of waste is sent to our city’s landfills each year. The immense amount of waste contributes to contaminating the ground and water supplies. Let’s commit to do our part to not add to that waste in the new year!
  • Reduce Pollution – This one speaks for itself. The more we recycle the less pollution we will emit as a whole!