Catalytic Converter Recycling Prices

All gasoline powered automobiles manufactured after 1975 and driven in the US have catalytic converters. This law was established to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide emissions into our atmosphere, which leads to Ozone damage and pollution. Direct Metals Recycling will pay top dollar for your scrap catalytic converter in Atlanta, GA!

Prices Paid for Recycling Catalytic ConvertersCatalytic Converter

The price that is offered for your catalytic converter will vary depending on the make, model, and year of the car or engine that the converter came from. This is due to the varying size and metal components in each catalytic converter. Whether you have a ceramic core or metal core converter will also affect the offered price to recycle your catalytic converter. A typical median price for a converter will be in the range of $50, but will vary depending on the demand of precious metals, and current economic conditions.

Why Do Prices Vary with the Economy?

Raw metals are in high demand and are a global commodity. They are bought, sold, and traded across the globe so their sales price is constantly effected by the current condition of the global economy. The metals contained in catalytic converters are needed to create more catalytic converters for more cars because it costs more to mine new supplies of precious metals, rather than recycling the supply that is currently available. This, in turn, means that the prices paid for catalytic converters will fluctuate depending on the supply and demand of Palladium and Rhodium – the valuable metals contained in the converters. A low supply and high demand will lead to high recycling prices, and vice versa.

At Direct Metals Recycling, we promise to give you top dollar for your catalytic converter or other scrap metal you bring to our Atlanta, Norcross, Augusta, or Macon locations. Call us today to get paid for your scrap metal!

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