Brake Rotor 101

brake rotorIf you’ve taken a look around our website at all, you’ll know that we buy and sell a number of different types of metal including specific auto parts like brake rotors.

Brake rotors are one of those car parts that tend to get overlooked when dealing with day-to-day car maintenance. We often make note of when it’s time to get the oil changed and tires rotated, but when’s the last time you checked on how the inner workings of your brake system are doing? If there’s one thing we inadvertently take advantage of when it comes to caring for our vehicles it’s probably the brakes.

Your brake rotors are one of the vital components in your braking system that actually allow the car to STOP when you want it to. That means, making sure they are in good condition is important to your safety and the safety of anyone else driving your vehicle.

Auto parts dealers and mechanics may have stacks of old, worn out brake rotors that they no longer have use for. Luckily, Direct Metals Recycling deals with buying and selling similar pieces on a regular basis. For additional information on current scrap metal prices and trends, contact us at the location nearest you (Augusta, Atlanta, Macon, and Norcross).

photo from flickr: Grant. C