Becoming a Scrap Metal Recycler

Hauling TruckHave you been following along with our blogs and social media, done your own research, and now you’re interested in becoming a scrapper yourself? Recycling scrap metal is not a complicated task, but it is one that requires the right amount of preparation, basic mechanical knowledge, and basic knowledge of different types of metals. Direct Metals Recycling has a list of essentials that every new scrapper needs, before they can start making cash off of recycled metal in Atlanta, GA. 

  • A Magnet – Ferrous metals are magnetic, non-ferrous metals are not. Keeping a magnet handy will help you determine which is which.
  • A Hauler – Once you find your desired scrap metal, you’ll need a vehicle that you can haul it in. If you are using a pickup truck or other open trailer, make sure your scrap metal is covered and secured before driving off.
  • Tools and Space – Once you collect your scrap, the work has just begun. Getting your load of scrap to your work area and dismantling – or “cleaning” – it to be readied for the scrap yard is essential. This is where it’s imperative to know your different types of metals, and work hardest for the ones of the most value.
  • Prices – If your load of scrap metal doesn’t fetch a pretty penny, you’ve waisted all of your time and energy. Keep an eye on the economy and the going rates for scrap metal, as the prices fluctuate daily.

Now you’ve got the basics of what you need to get started as a scrap metal recycler. Last but not least you’ll need a trustworthy, reliable scrap metal recycling company, but you’ve already found that right here at Direct Metals Recycling in Macon, GA! 

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