Battery Recycling: The Right Way

Whether in your business or a private home, the chances of you having batteries of all sizes lying around is practically a guarantee. But regardless of if they are currently in use or have recently worn out of juice, it’s important to know how to properly batteriesdispose of them when the time comes.

While most alkaline batteries can be safely disposed of in your normal household waste, but other types require special attention. ¬†When dealing with larger, higher powered batteries (i.e. car batteries, generator batteries, etc) it’s not as easy as adding them to the pile in the weekly trash pick up.

Because of the chemicals and metals that are found in some batteries, like mercury and lead, damage during disposal must always be avoided to prevent said metals from getting into the environment, or worse, water supplies. These chemicals must also be kept away from heat and fire to prevent explosions. And even the smallest bit of battery fluid can cause severe acid burns when skin is exposed.

For these reasons and many others, it is vital that you take the proper steps in disposing of your larger batteries. Some appliance stores will take used batteries, but your best and easiest bet is to come to an experienced recycling center like Direct Metals. We will handle your used batter with the upmost care and you may even get something out of it.

If you have questions about the batteries you are dealing with, and how to safely get them from your home or business to our center.


  1. Very discipointed in the service my wife received in augusta ga. There buying catalytic converters for cash out there pocket and selling them back in another name very dis honest employees. Dont think i will be using your company anymore.

    • We are so sorry you had a negative experience. Thank you for the honest feedback. Please call the main number and ask for the general manager as we’d like to make it right.

  2. Proper battery disposal and recyling should be done because they are hazardous if just throne anywhere. It can contaminate our water and poison us.