Aluminum Recycling 101

sell-metal-featMany metal recycling rookies tend to look at recycling for it’s face value and nothing more. Doing your part to reuse certain materials and prevent landfill build up. That’s the basic premise, and it’s always great to remember how recycling can benefit the environment but there’s also something to be said for understanding some specifics regarding exactly what you are recycling.

Take aluminum for example. Whether it’s in can form or wheel form recycling this particular metal has a number of benefits that you may not be aware of. Benefits like these…

  • Aluminum doesn’t wear out. We’re talking never. You can practically recycle it forever and the aluminum from cans can be converted into new cans over and over again.
  • Aluminum recycling saves energy! One of my favorite comparisons is that recycling 40 aluminum cans provides the same amount of energy that a gallon of gasoline would use.
  • Aluminum has a fantastic market value which means recycling it is an economic incentive for individuals and businesses.
  • Aluminum requires less prep before it’s reused. Plastic bottles often have to be scrubbed clean before they can go through the recycling process but the heat used in melting aluminum takes care of any unwanted contaminants.
  • Aluminum isn’t just recycled into new aluminum, it can be used in furniture, airplanes, and appliances as well!

So before you bring your scrap metal to Direct Metals Recycling, consider doing some research to find out what kind of benefits will come from recycling!



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