A Brighter Tomorrow

Why do you recycle? Is it because you simply enjoy making a dollar from someone else’s trash, or do you have a bigger motivation? Recycling today saves our planet for tomorrow from the pollution of creating new materials, the damage done by landfills, and from further stripping and mining of raw materials. Direct Metals Recycling opened our scrap metal recycling center for all of these reasons.

RecyclingIf you’re passionate about recycling it is important to pass your passion on to our younger generations. We are recycling today to try to save the planet for our kids and ancestors of future generations, but they will need to work just as hard to preserve the earth for themselves and their families. Teach your kids the basics of recycling so that they can get in the good habit of turning trash into recycled treasures.

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This is of course the very basic idea of recycling, how it works, and why it’s a good thing to do! A great place to start when teaching kids how to recycle and what recycling is.
  2. The Recycling Loop. Teach your children to recognize the recycling loop. Seeing it on plastics and other materials will help them learn which types of waste are recyclable, and which aren’t.
  3. Cash for Scrap. Of course, you’ll have to teach your kids about our favorite type of recycling – scrap metal. A great place to start with scrap metal for kids is aluminum cans. They are easy to come by and made of one of the most recyclable materials available – aluminum!


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