Recycling E-Waste

How many of you have an old cell phone sitting in a drawer somewhere? What about an old computer that is either broken or past its prime that is stuffed into the back of your closet? Or, have you sent these old or broken electronics directly to your local dump or landfill? Direct Metals Recycling shares some facts about e-waste and why it’s so important to have it recycled. 

Recycling Old ComputersElectronics contain toxic substances such as mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, beryllium, and brominated flame retardants. When your e-waste ends up in dumps or landfills to be burned it creates additional toxins. Halogenated dioxins and furans are some of the most toxic substances known to mankind and they are released when your computers and cell phones are burned at low temperatures.

Instead of sending your electronics to the dump, recycle them! Recycling your electronics keeps their toxic chemicals out of landfills across the world. There are many options for recycling. Dell has set up a program in which it will recycle anyone’s PC, regardless of the manufacturer. Gateway will pay you for your old PC with a proof of purchase of a new Gateway. Batteries are also considered e-waste and they can be recycled at Best Buys and some various drug stores. Many wireless carriers offer recycling for your old cell phones too. There are some cell phone recycling programs that put emergency phones into the hands of those that otherwise would not afford them.

As technology is constantly developing and we are all trying to stay at the forefront with the latest iPhone, iPad, or laptop, make sure that you are getting rid of your old technology in an environmentally safe way! Direct Metals Recycling currently offers recycling services for non-ferrous metals but we are looking to offer e-waste recycling in the future. Keep a look out for the announcement of our new program!

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