6 Ways to Make Your Scrap Metal Collection Safer

As a professional in the scrap metal recycling industry, you face many safety challenges throughout the day. Not only do you need to watch out for yourself, but you need to be conscious of your surroundings and other people that may be near you when you are collecting, transporting, or cleaning metal. Direct Metals Recycling in Macon, GA has six tips to help you stay safe while you’re out collecting scrap metal in the Atlanta, GA area. 

1. Put on the E-Brake

Whether your towing and collecting vehicle is a manual or automatic, when it is loaded down with a heap of scrap metal, it’s always a good idea to put the e-brake on when you park to make sure that your vehicle won’t roll away.

2. Cover Your Load

In Georgia, it’s illegal to drive with an uncovered load in the bed of your truck or trailer. Driving with an uncovered load is not only breaking the law, but poses safety risks to other drivers on the road. Always make sure you batten down your scrap collection with a heavy tarp so that nothing will be flying out or falling out to potentially injure another driver or litter the roadways.

3. Wear Eye Protection

When you’re cleaning your metal or disassembling an appliance, wear eye protection. Flying sparks from your grinder, flying metal debris, or any number of things could injure your eye. You only get one set of eyes – protect them.

4. Wear Foot Protection

Scrap Metal CollectionScrap metal can be large, cumbersome, and heavy. Wearing steel toed boots will save your little piggies from sure demise if you happen to drop something heavy on a foot.

5. Wear Gloves

Scrap metal can be dangerous. It has sharp edges, might be rusty, and who know’s what kinds of chemicals have been on it if it’s been laying around outside for a while. Always wear gloves when you are collecting, loading, and cleaning your scrap to avoid cuts, scrapes, splinters, or burns.

6. Beware of Your Surroundings

No matter what you’re doing with your scrap metal – loading it up, driving around collecting it, cleaning and dismantling it – always be aware of your surroundings. Make sure there is no one near you to get hit with a piece of shrapnel while you’re cutting. Don’t let someone stand on the other side of your truck when you’re throwing metal in it. Make sure that you aren’t cutting metal around flammable liquids.

Direct Metals Recycling just wants to see all of our scrappers stay safe and continue on for another day of scrapping! Is there something important that you think we missed? Leave us a comment below!

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