Atlanta GA Metal Recycling

Direct Metals Recycling is a global recycler of catalytic converters and non-ferrous metals. Based in Atlanta, GA, Direct Metals Recycling is proud to provide the best pricing and grading in a professional, clean, and environmentally safe location... read more »

Basics of Electronic Recyling

With four convenient locations in the metro Atlanta area, Direct Metals Recycling is leading the way with electronics recycling. Partnering with business and individual recyclers is a way to help keep the environment free from toxins associated with electronics. Think Twice … [Continue Reading]

Household Electronics

Replacing a Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converters can not be repaired. Once they are spent, they must be replaced. Replacing a catalytic converter in most vehicles is not a quick 10 minute job, like replacing a headlight bulb. Instead, one is going to need a number of heavy equipment items, a good workspace … [Continue Reading]

Catalytic Converter

Could there be Value? A History Mystery on Oak Island

Calling all history buffs and scrap metal treasure hunters! Have you had a chance to catch the History Channel’s new series The Curse of Oak Island? If not, why not tune in since it captures hearts of history buffs and treasure hunters? Oak Island Let’s first start with Oak … [Continue Reading]

Mini fortune in scrap metal

New Year’s Resolutions-Scrap Metal Industry Version

Hey y'all! We hope you all had a great start to the new year! At Direct Metals Recycling welcoming this new year with open arms and lots of goals for an even better 2015! CBS News recently shared that about 40% of Americans make New Year's Resolutions. We know that many of you … [Continue Reading]

New Year's Resolutions

Too Much Holiday Waste?

It’s that time of year where many spend time together with friends and family. With the gatherings there are often decorations, gift wrap, and leftover food. This can equal quite a bit of extra holiday waste. Have you ever driven through a neighborhood and noticed enormous piles … [Continue Reading]

Christmas Wrapping Paper Waste