Atlanta GA Metal Recycling

Direct Metals Recycling is a global recycler of catalytic converters and non-ferrous metals. Based in Atlanta, GA, Direct Metals Recycling is proud to provide the best pricing and grading in a professional, clean, and environmentally safe location... read more »

Back to School Clean Up and Clean Out

As the back to school season marks the milestones of a new grade level for students, it also marks milestones for parents. Oftentimes, as children age, so does the play equipment that they once used. Direct Metals Recycling in Atlanta is proud to take that non-ferrous metal off … [Continue Reading]


Recycling Car Parts

Direct Metals Recycling takes many car parts for recycling. While others may see old cars or junkers as useless or obsolete, we know that we play an important role in the environment and economy in Atlanta by recycling some of those car parts and transforming them into raw … [Continue Reading]

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When Times Are Tough Be Creative

The economy can never fully be trusted. With ups and downs, and twists and turns, life doesn’t always pan out the way that we think it will, and this can be especially true financially. One man in Michigan found himself facing his pink slip and wondered what he would do to … [Continue Reading]

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Safety 101

We see many different individuals at our Direct Metals Recycling locations throughout Atlanta. Some are known clients that recycle metal or scrap for a living. Others have picked scrapping up as a hobby and enjoy making a little extra dough. We also have welcomed businesses that … [Continue Reading]


Scrap Metal Theft Deja Vu

Recently, in Florida, a small business owner made the news when he headed to the local scrap yard. He had metal benches that were previously stolen from his property. Unbeknownst to the metal thief, the business owner was planning on scrapping them. It was not long after they … [Continue Reading]