Atlanta GA Metal Recycling

Direct Metals Recycling is a global recycler of catalytic converters and non-ferrous metals. Based in Atlanta, GA, Direct Metals Recycling is proud to provide the best pricing and grading in a professional, clean, and environmentally safe location... read more »

Fall Football and Grilling Fun!

Fall means football! With football comes tailgating and time spent around the grill! Whether you are the one doing the entertaining or not, it is important to keep your eye out this time of year for grills that people are discarding in pursuit of the ultimate tailgater’s or … [Continue Reading]

Fall Football Grilling

Answer your own Help Wanted Ad!

If you’ve been searching the newspapers, looking online, and networking to find that next job and it just doesn’t seem to be panning out, then consider working for yourself while you wait. There are many things that we love about scrap metal recycling at Direct Metals Recycling. … [Continue Reading]

Help Wanted

Make a Difference

Are you ready to make a difference? Do you have a cause that you are passionate about? We’ve met many scrappers that scrap for a cause. From elementary schools collecting electronics or aluminum cans, to sports teams collecting various scrap metal, you can scrap to raise funds. … [Continue Reading]

Make a Difference

Garage Sale Green

If you are looking for a little extra green (as in cash) and want to help keep the environment green (as in contribute to recycling) then you may be in luck as a scrapper. The fall garage sale season is upon us and whether you are a hobbyist scrap metal recycler, or you do it to … [Continue Reading]

Garage Sale Find

Spotlight on Industry-Plumbers and Electricians

Direct Metals Recycling is proud to work with individuals and businesses. With four locations throughout the greater metro Atlanta area, our scrap metal recycling business makes it easy for individuals and businesses. We have seen the behind the scenes scrap from the increase in … [Continue Reading]

Copper Valve