Atlanta GA Metal Recycling

Direct Metals Recycling is a global recycler of catalytic converters and non-ferrous metals. Based in Atlanta, GA, Direct Metals Recycling is proud to provide the best pricing and grading in a professional, clean, and environmentally safe location... read more »

Holiday Gifts and Giving

With Christmas a tad over a month away, many are thinking about how to raise extra cash needed for Christmas. Others, are considering creative ways to help those in need. Whether your motive is in purchasing gifts, or in finding a way to donate, we have some solutions for … [Continue Reading]

Cell Phone Recycling

Finding Aluminum Scrap in Atlanta

In 2013 the scrap industry in the United States processed 5.4 million metric tons of aluminum. The amount of aluminum being recycled continues to increase as savvy scrap metal recyclers look high and low, and find creative ways to collect this non-ferrous metal. As a non-ferrous … [Continue Reading]

Soda Can

Insulated Copper Wire

Let’s say that you’ve got quite a collection of various copper elements. Perhaps you’ve been saving up bits and pieces for months. You may have looked high and low and found insulated copper wire in old small appliances, larger appliances, and even in electronics that have been … [Continue Reading]

Insulated Copper Wire

3 Places to Look for Scrap Copper Wire

Everyone has a different method of scrapping copper, but one thing that we see quite often is a collection of a variety of copper elements. When these collections arrive, we are able to see that invidivuals have been gathering their copper scrap over time and from a variety of … [Continue Reading]

copper phone wire

October is Go on a Field Trip Month!

Fall is a great season to introduce children to scrap metal recycling. This is especially true with the fact that October is Go on a Field Trip Month! It is never too early to encourage children to get involved in recycling, and one way to do just that is through hands on, real … [Continue Reading]

field trip to scrap yard